Orlando Bloom was our forever crush in the early aughts with his hair goals role in The Lord of the Rings, his penchant for leather in Troy and, of course, his impressive sword in Pirates of the Caribbean.

With the help of a certain paddle board snap it seems Orlando is more than in bloom, all over again. As he returns for a cameo in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, the fifth film in the franchise (plot spoiler: it’s actually amazing!) Orlando joins InStyle U.K.'s Joshington Hosts to play "Who Said It," a new series where we test celebrities on how well they know their film/lyrics/book. And because it's a Pirates film, it's called "Your Port or Mine?"

Joshington challenged Orlando to decipher whether he's hearing a "pirate" or a "regular" pick up line. Will you be using “plunder my silver” in the club this weekend? Watch above.

Aside from being quite the hoot, here are six largely superficial reasons why Orlando is blooming like it’s 2004 all over again.

1. Orlando goes big or goes home

Speaking to Joshington Hosts about his Pirates return, the 40-year-old said, “it was a mixture of memories and the fun times we had. It just made sense and it was an easy thing for me to come in and do a couple of days even though I shot two scenes on three continents … go big or go home, you know!”

2. #DadGoals: Orlando returned to Pirates for his son, Flynn

“I never thought I'd come back into the franchise, but my son loves the films,” the father to 6-year-old Flynn told Joshington Hosts. Flynn received a doll from Orlando in his Will Turner incarnation too.

3. Not even a pooch can out cute him

Aww x7!

4. Look at THAT loungewear

Dear God, his Instagram is just a real life treasure trove isn’t it?

5. Orlando is a giver

Bloom is an ambassador for UNICEF, working on the "Flip Climate Change" program, which is seeking to help children affected by climate change. Orlando just has so many layers.

6. We will finish on this video of him fighting … topless …

You. Are. Welcome.

Catch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales in theaters Friday, May 26.