Oprah Shares Her Favorite Things: Farmer's Market Edition

Oprah Winfrey just lived out all our Farmer's Market fantasies. (And yours, too, we'll go ahead and assume.) Diehard fans know that the big O treats #HarvestDay like a national holiday. As one does, when one lives on a 23-acre farm dotted with citrus trees and an avocado grove. Sigh.

Today's yield proved particularly fruitful, and if your weekend plans don't already include a trip to the farmer's market—well, just wait. The icon showcased a bounty of herbs we could practically smell through the screen, and we're experiencing peak cravings for Thai basil.

Oprah also showed off an herb that "smells like lemon" (could it be lemon balm?) along with a zucchini that looks like it fell from Jack's giant beanstalk. Guys, we're getting some big ideas for our next batch of deconstructed lasanga.

Of course it would make sense that Oprah's singing the praises of garden-fresh goods: the star's recent cookbook, Food, Health, and Happiness, serves up all kinds of healthy recipe goodness.

Apart from making us drool over leafy greens, the OWN Network founder has been busy doing what any other red-blooded American is doing: she's celebrating Wonder Woman. The talk show host will also interview real-life wonder woman Sheryl Sandberg in an upcoming episode of Super Soul Sunday. Cheers to one productive—and delicious!—summer.

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