Olivia Wilde Posed Completely Nude for True Botanicals' New Campaign

"Clean beauty can be dirty too."

Olivia Wilde is baring it all in the name of clean beauty. In True Botanicals' latest campaign, the actress and brand activist is proving that sustainability can be sexy and "clean beauty can be dirty."

On Tuesday, the Booksmart director shared some NSFW photos, shot by famous photographer Guy Aroch, in honor of the skincare brand's latest campaign. In one photo obtained by Vogue, Wilde smiled and posed topless on a terrace, wearing only white linen pants and jewelry.

Olivia Wilde True Botanicals
Guy Aroch/Courtesy of True Botanicals

In another shot, the director of the upcoming psychological thriller Don't Worry Darling (which stars her dreamy boyfriend Harry Styles) posed fully nude, as she lounged on a towel in the sun, and appeared to rub oil on her arms. According to Vogue, the various shots are unretouched.

Olivia Wilde True Botanicals
Guy Aroch/Courtesy of True Botanicals

Along with promoting the brand's new campaign, the imagery aimed to give back the control to Wilde — and other women. "[When it comes to] our relationship to our bodies and celebrating our bodies, we all come to that from very different perspectives and experiences," Wilde said. "I am someone who has had two babies, I'm in my late thirties, and I love my body now more than I ever have. I enjoy the opportunity to take care of myself. That's what my beauty ritual is: Taking care of myself and celebrating my body at this stage of my life."

She told Vogue that she also hopes the campaign shows people that being environmentally friendly and using healthy ingredients doesn't have to kill the mood.

"People tend to equate indulgence with something that is naughty," she said. "If it's environmentally responsible, if it is better for your health, it can't be indulgent. I think we need to dig deep to reconstruct the cliché surrounding sustainability in beauty and allow people to understand that they can indulge in skincare and feel like they are treating themselves, even if it's something that's actually very good for the environment."

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