'Fear Street' 's Olivia Scott Welch Is For Sure Our New Favorite Style Icon

Olivia Scott Welch
Photo: HRIS DELMAS/AFP via Getty Images

It may be summer, but right now feels like a particularly great time to sit in front of a TV — especially if you're hoping to catch the next generation of industry icons before they're suddenly everywhere.

One name that keeps popping up as we scroll through various streaming services? Olivia Scott Welch. Not only is she the star of Amazon Prime's super suspenseful teen drama, Panic (which yes, also stars Jack Nicholson's son and comes with a glowing recommendation from IG's Deux Moi), she also plays Samantha Fraser in Netflix's Fear Street, a murder mystery trilogy based off of books from R.L. Stine ('90s kids know). The first installment, Fear Street Part 1: 1994, drops July 2, just in time for the long weekend.

Perhaps just as exciting as Welch's growing resume is the fact that she's a fashion icon in the making. The actress is working with Erica Cloud — the stylist who is also responsible for outfits worn by Kacey Musgraves and Dan Levy — which means we fully expected her Fear Street premiere look to be spectacular.

And it was. Oh yes, it was (for sure getting some regal, Victorian vibes here).

Thankfully, InStyle didn't just have to view this jaw-dropping ensemble via distant red carpet photos. Welch took us behind-the-scenes during her big night, sharing a few details and stunning shots (all of which had spooky image titles, BTW, like "ghostinthehallway") from the getting ready process. Trust us when we say it's a must-see.

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Olivia Scott Welch
Teddy Padilla

"We had press earlier today, so this was a moody portrait in the midst of taking off my fake eyelashes."

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Olivia Scott Welch
Teddy Padilla

"This is the beautiful Simone Rocha look that I was lucky enough to wear in all its glory."

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Olivia Scott Welch
Teddy Padilla

"A mid glam shot! My wonderful team Kiley Fitzgerald and Loren Canby are always incredible and create the best environment."

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"This is my incredible stylist Erica Cloud sewing me into my dress. A very underrated part of styling."

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Teddy Padilla

"The whole gang perfecting at once."

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Teddy Padilla

"I loved the juxtaposition of my heels and Erica's Prada loafers and witty socks."

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Teddy Padilla

"This is right before getting in the car to go to the premiere of Fear Street Part One: 1994! One of my favorite details about the dress is the big bows in the back."

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