Olivia Culpo Reveals Her Spring Fashion Must-Haves

Olivia Culpo
Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

We’re in the throes of a love-hate relationship with the still-not-quite-spring-like weather, but it looks like warmer days are finally ahead. So as we wait for the moment when we can throw our winter coats into storage once and for all, we’re looking forward to rocking spring's biggest fashion trends—and we aren't the only ones.

Olivia Culpo celebrated the seasonal switch at the rose-themed launch of Lord & Taylor’s Spring 2016 Birdcage concept shop last week, and we had to ask the model and former Miss USA how she’s handling the big wardrobe transition. And no surprise here, Culpo's already got it all figured out. Her plan? Pairing brighter pieces with denim to flawlessly incorporate them into her day-to-day wardrobe.

“What’s cool about denim is that you can pair it with any pastel or light color,” Culpo told InStyle. “You can do a lighter jean with a pump, and that’s an easy way to transition from your usual black and gray uniform of the winter. It’s exciting to go for more of the pale pinks, yellows, creams, and whites—just everything that you can’t get away with in the dark, gloomy days of the winter.”

It’s also the perfect time to break out printed pieces to reflect the seasonal switch. “As you transition to spring, you start playing with different patterns and floral designs,” said Culpo. “The new weather is beautiful, the flowers are blooming, and there’s just this new life everywhere—this energy that you can’t ignore.”

Culpo, for one, will be embracing the longer days and climbing temperatures. “I think that everybody feels light during the springtime,” she said. “It’s much brighter outside, and I think that you can see that in people’s wardrobes, too. They start exploring with different color palettes, and I love that you see a lot of white and an ethereal theme.”

But while she may be ready to switch up her outfits in the coming weeks, Culpo does have one accessory that she sports year-round. “I always go for a white pump,” she said. “That’s kind of my staple—even in the winter!”

—With reporting by Christina Shanahan

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