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When Olivia Culpo opens her mouth about style, we stop what we're doing and listen, because the girl has got fashion down to a science. We sat down with the model and style star in Toronto Saturday evening at a party celebrating Canada Goose at the Four Seasons Hotel.

“I’m here celebrating their 60th anniversary, I’m a big fan of the brand and I have been for awhile,” she tells InStyle of her love for Canada Goose's cozy winter coats. “I love the way that [the brand] basically makes possible to layer and be warm and still feel good.”

VIDEO: Olivia Culpo's Chic Vacation Style

And speaking of the dreaded cooler season that will soon be upon us, we asked the star how she manages to always look good even when it’s freezing outside (after all, we’re currently working on building our fall and winter shopping must-haves as we speak).

“I think it's essential when you’re dressing for the cold to have a coat with some sort of elasticity around the waist," she says. “It just adds a waist and some dimension and you don’t look like you’re just a big marshmallow. You don’t want to be a marshmallow!”

As for her favorite coats from the brand, she says, “I love wearing black or white are my go to styles and colors. I really like to switch it up. They’ve very warm which is very important, but you can also have fun with it!”

Words of wisdom from the style star herself. Noted. Check out more from inside the 60th anniversary party here, and stay tuned for more coverage live from the Toronto International Film Festival.