North West Just Showed Off Her Designer Handbag Collection on TikTok

Fendi, Dior, Louis Vuitton — you name it, North has it.

At just 8 years old, North West owns more designer bags than most adult women ever will in their lifetime. This week, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's eldest daughter treated her TikTok followers to a tour of her closet, and zoomed in on several shelves filled with her collection of four-figure (er, five-figure) handbags.

"These are my bags," North captioned the now-deleted post, according to Page Six.

Among the assortment were mini Fendi and Louis Vuitton bags, a Christian Dior saddlebag, and number of sparkly Judith Leiber purses — including a pepperoni pizza clutch ($5,965), a Cinderella carriage ($5,965), and one shaped like a strawberry donut ($4,195). Tucked way in the back, eagle-eyed fans also spied a Birkin bag, which can easily run into tens of thousands of dollars.

North shared the video from her and her mom's joint TikTok account just days after she got in trouble for going live and giving fans a peek inside their Hidden Hills mansion. She began the live-taping in her bedroom before moving on to the home's Christmas decorations in the living room. She followed up the video with another clip, in which she tells her mom, who is laying in bed in her pajamas that she's on TikTok. "Mom, I'm live!" she said. Kim responded, "No stop. You know you're not allowed to."

During an appearance on journalist Bari Weiss's podcast, Kim revealed she was less than pleased that her daughter went live on the social platform without her permission. Though, given who her father is, Kim isn't completely surprised she broke the rules. "I mean, North West is Kanye West's daughter. Forget that, she's his twin," she said. "So she will still definitely do all of the above. But in my household, there are rules. She did feel really bad about that, and she apologized to me and she said 'I saw on TikTok that I got in trouble and I'm really sorry.' And she got it."

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