Noah Centineo Is Now Bald and Has a Skull Tattoo

Noah, why?

Noah Centineo Smiling Flannel Short Hair

The perpetual heartthrob behind everyone's favorite high school jock (give me Peter Kavinsky spinoff), Noah Centineo just debuted some new controversial hair (or lack thereof) and ink that has fans reeling.

Earlier this week, Centineo was spotted out with friends in Los Angeles without a single strand of his signature dark curls he's become known and loved for. In place of his hair, though, was a strange skull tattoo of a bear and it's two cubs above his ear cartilage.

Noah Centineo Is Now Bald and Has a Skull Tattoo

He later gave fans a closer glimpse at the buzzcut on his Instagram Story while driving (don't try this at home!) before nodding and smiling at the camera. The full look was completed by new silver earrings and a baggy black hoodie. Put all these things together, and it appears that Noah is taking a page from his fellow internet boyfriends Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly and hopping on board the pop-punk resurgence.

I get it; the early aughts goth aesthetic has certainly re-entered the zeitgeist, and the resurgence of punk culture and head-to-toe tattoos is a bit of a kink for many these days. But what was so wrong with Noah's luscious wavy locks? You can't mess with perfection; if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Noah's hair has always been a bit of a polarizing topic of conversation. In 2019, the star chopped it, leaving his fans in a tizzy. When he shared the 'do on his Instagram, fans expressed their grief in his comments. "NOAH CENTINEO BUZZED HIS HAIR… IM NOT OKAY," one exclaimed.

But on the other end of the scale, Noah appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden last year with long and thick curls. Corden asked him if it was a result of COVID-19 and the quarantine. "No, weirdly, it has nothing to do with quarantine and everything to do with me being unemployed," he joked. "I have this secret aspiration where I actually want to be able to do a man bun because I've never done it before."

The InStyle team has differing opinions. So much so that it sparked a heated debate in our group Slack channel. When the snap was dropped, News Director Madeline Hirsch quickly joined the conversation saying, "Okay this is hot tbh." To that, News Writer Averi Baudler responded, "very hot take," and Senior Social Editor Danielle Fox simply asked, "pour qui?" (which translates to "for who?")

All eyes looked to me (it's a known fact that I'm the resident Noah obssessive) "to come get my man." And I have to admit it: I cringed a little at this new Noah, sad to say goodbye to his gorgeous, voluminous head of hair. But I'm a Noah apologist. I will forever be under his spell thanks to his ingenious work as a bonafide heartbreaker. So I concede because Noah with no hair is better than no Noah at all. He still is — and always will — be smokin' hot. And as one of my co-workers put it, "This is my toxic trait. I love chaos, and yes, I'm in therapy." Couldn't have said it better myself.

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