By Dacy Knight
Updated Sep 04, 2016 @ 2:30 pm
Credit: ninaagdal/Instagram

Burning Man 2016 is in full swing and its many celebrity attendees certainly seem to be having a blast. Those hanging out in Nevada's Black Rock Desert over Labor Day weekend have taken to social media to share glimpses of their experience at the annual gathering, flaunting their out-there sartorial sensibilities while doing so.

In her latest Instagram post, model Nina Agdal—Sports Illustrated cover girl and Leonardo DiCaprio's new love interest— suited up in a gladiator-inspired getup complete with an armored bra worn over a white mesh leotard (above). A sheer silver skirt showing off a revealing slit barely covered up the stunner's tan thighs while she accessorized with layers of black leather belts, metal detailing, and a black lace glove on her left hand. The blonde beauty stomped through the desert in industrial black lace-up boots and shielded her eyes from the harsh summer sun with rounded sunglasses. "BURN BABY," the 24-year-old knockout captioned the post.

But she wasn't the only model or celebrity to turn heads. See our round-up of desert fun below!

Cara Delevingne lit things up at the desert event and teamed up with sister Poppy by sporting coordinating braided pigtails.

Karlie Kloss rode around in a giant vacuum cleaner before showing off her eye-popping manicure.

Katy Perry was a dream with rainbow hair, captioning her post "AlivE" and later posing with matching technicolor neon wings.

Paris Hilton was also feeling the rainbow, brightening up the desert in a black leotard bedecked in rainbow aliens and covering up in a hooded fur jacket pretty in pastel cotton candy colors before switching out the vibrant hues for golden goddess vibes.

As for the men in attendance: Scott Eastwood melted hearts everywhere by posted up in a kissing booth, while Diplo was caught climbing around on the event's art installations.