Nicole Richie - LEAD
Credit: Asher Moss

When it comes to festival style goals, Nicole Richie is one of the undisputed leaders of the pack. It’s a skill she’s mastered over the years as she’s flitted through the social scene, hitting up parties and festivals and shutting it down in the style department every single time. One place where she truly shines? Coachella. And if you’re heading to the desert this weekend (or next), you’ll definitely want to hear the pro-tips this festival vet imparted to us.

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We caught up with the style star at a recent shopping event in Los Angeles for newly minted social shopping app Project September, where tastemakers were invited to shop looks from the immersive visual platform, with all proceeds from the evening being donated to Planned Parenthood. Richie served as a curator for the event. “We have really amazing brands—like House of Harlow, of course,” she quipped. And according to her, this new platform really does add something special to your shopping experience. “I come from the days of going and buying all the magazines and a big poster board and cutting out every look that I loved and putting them on that board for outfit inspiration,” Richie shared. “Now we’re taking it to the next place, where we’re looking at inspiration photos on our phones, and not just from one magazine—they’re from everywhere. You can just click on whatever you’re drawn to and find out exactly what those products are.”

Of course, we had to pick Richie’s brain on her festival style, because she’s a master on the topic. But the 35-year-old mom of two, who’s in the desert for the House of Harlow 1960 x Revolve she hosted is still deciding whether or not she’ll make her way to the actual festival. “Maybe I’ll pop by the festival. I mean, you, know … we’ll see. I’m 35,” she joshed. Either way, she says there’s one item she’ll always pack in excess for any festival weekend. “Sunglasses—and I bring a lot of them”, she admitted. “Sunglasses are like masks; they’re like makeup. It’s an instant look, and I have fun with them. Plus there’s hardly any trees at Coachella, so sunglasses are important.”

And as if she hadn’t already shared a wealth of knowledge, Richie dropped on last festival tip on us—and it's the most important one of all. Since it's easy to get caught up in the fun and sometimes go a little too far, Richie urges everyone to practice a little discretion. “Keep it together. Control yourself. Don’t be an animal. Keep it cute.” That’s solid advice, if you ask us!