Nicole Richie
Credit: Architectural Digest

There's no doubt Nicole Richie has an affinity for chickens (she's shared photos of herself hanging out with her own on the 'gram before), but, now she has taken things up a notch.

In a luxe photoshoot for Architectural Digest, the fashion mogul got all glammed up in a beaded, black feather headdress—to match her five chickens' swag, naturally—and showed off their luxe chicken coop at her Beverly Hills home in the video below.

In one photo from the shoot (at top), Richie rocks a red gown as she strikes a pose inside of her pets' massive digs.

"About three years ago, we decided to add to our family and bought five chickens," Richie, who married singer Joel Madden in 2010, told the mag. "I was in New York at the Met Ball, and I came home and they were delivered the same day. I raised them inside my house for about six weeks, and then it was time for them to have a coop."

At first, the chickens—Tallulah, Philomena, Mama Cass, Sunny, and Daisy—were living in a black enclosure she constructed, but when she and her family moved to Beverly Hills, her chickens got a major upgrade.

"The new house didn't have a coop. We had to build them one, so we did a miniature version of my own house in terms of color and style," she told the mag. "I wanted one color palette throughout. It's gray." She also created sections—five small boxes—in it for the chickens to lay eggs (even though they lay eggs "all over the place" anyway).

Richie's farmstead isn't just home to her chickens, though. Two turtles reside there and approximately 200 bees in two hives to make seasonal honey for her allergies.

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And she's just getting started with the chickens in her coop. She'll soon add three more this month for a total of eight. "Martha Stewart said it best: Chickens just give, give, give, and there's nothing bad about them. They are the easiest animals to take care of, they are so much fun for kids, and they just give me beautiful colored eggs every day."