We love a curly queen.


Nicole Kidman appears to be channeling her Nine Perfect Strangers character Masha in her latest cover for Harper's Bazaar. The Oscar-winning actress looked very free-spirited on the cover of the publication's October 2021 issue.

In the cover shoot, Kidman wore her hair in its natural curly form, showing off her perfectly-shaped ringlets, which were crafted by editorial hairstylist Tamas Tuzes. On the cover, her voluminous curls were paired with a plunging printed prairie dress with a collar, buttons, and massive leg slit. Her glowy no-makeup, makeup look was perfected by celebrity and editorial makeup artist Holly Silius who paired Kidman's flawless complexion with a simple eye and nude lips.

In other photos from the elegant shoot, the Big Little Lies star wore bedazzled outfits, naked dresses, and structured jackets. The jungle-type backdrop went hand-in-hand with the woodsy aesthetic of Kidman's new HBO show Nine Perfect Strangers, which follows nine individuals checked into a strange wellness retreat with a peculiar guru Masha Dmitrichenko (played by Kidman). The show was in filmed in  Byron Bay, Australia, Kidman's native country.

Nicole Kidman
Credit: Getty Images

In the interview, Kidman revealed that her innate ability to dig so deep with characters is something that stems for her childhood.

"My mother says that I was intense," she told the publication.  "I've always felt things really deeply." 

She continued that her intensity is also a result of her artistry and full commitment to it. "I suppose the artist spirit, a lot of times, is saying, 'I don't care what it's gonna cost me as a human being, because my thrust is deeply artistic,'" she said, before adding that she would come home with bruises after filming Big Little Lies. "That's probably just a massive push-pull in any person who's a painter, a writer, you know?"