Their astrological compatibility is off the charts.

By Sara Coughlin
Updated Jun 25, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Horoscope
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On first glance, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban may seem like a low-key, if somewhat mismatched, celebrity couple. But, if you take another look, their relationship is sort of a Hollywood fairytale come to life: The Oscar-awarded Big Little Lies actress and the Grammy-winning country artist found each other only after they had established themselves as individual — and equally dazzling — stars of their respective industries.

And, once they got together, they couldn’t make better sense as a couple: Kidman’s engaging, effervescent attitude lends buoyancy to Urban’s sensitive musician’s soul, while his emotional depth fascinates and draws her closer to him in equal measure. But, you just had to learn about their Zodiac signs to know all that. Here, we dive into Kidman and Urban’s astrological compatibility — and it gives Moulin Rouge a run for its money.

Nicole Kidman's Zodiac Sign

Born on June 20, 1967, Kidman just narrowly qualifies as a Gemini (Gem season ends around the 20th or 21st of June every year) — but that doesn’t mean she’s any less authentic than other members of this easy-breezy air sign. If you don’t know many Geminis, they tend to be chatty (sometimes to the point of gossipy), adaptable, and charismatic.

We consider Kidman to be all of those things pretty much all the time, but she never embodied her sign more than at last year’s Oscars, when she (somewhat jokingly) declared, “I miss my man, but I’m going to have some fun,” before strolling away in her gown. Nothing, not even flying solo on Oscars night, can trip up an ever-social air sign like Kidman.

Keith Urban's Sign

Urban, meanwhile, was born on October 26 in the same year as Kidman, making him an enigmatic, edgy Scorpio — he even has the rock ‘n’ roll chops and motorcycle to prove it. The singer actually crashed his bike in 2007 while trying to flee the paparazzi. Luckily, he wasn’t injured, so we can focus on celebrating the highly Scorpio-esque remark he made when, in an official statement, he described the incident as, “the result of one person's desire to do his job and my desire to maintain my privacy.”

In other words, Scorpios like their alone time. Ruled by the element of water and the mysterious little planet Pluto, people born under this sign manage to be highly emotionally aware and closed off all at once. It can be tricky to know what they’re thinking, which makes them even more attractive to some.

Their Relationship

Kidman mentioned in a 2015 interview with Elle that, even after their wedding, she was still getting to know Urban — which was exactly what she hoped would happen. “I'm spontaneous. I jump in. I kind of like getting married and then getting to know each other,” she said. “I know that it sounds incredibly strange, but to me, it's a more natural process.”

In 2016, Urban backed up Kidman’s claim of spontaneity when he told CBS’ Sunday Morning that “meeting her and getting married wasn't life-changing, it was life-beginning.” From the sound of it, Kidman blew into his life like a breath of fresh air.

Their signs aren’t total opposites, but they certainly balance each other out nicely. Where sensitive water sign Urban is invigorated by Kidman’s vivacious, charming Gemini energy, air sign Kidman loves learning how to best coax Urban out of his Scorpionic shell. And sometimes she wants to crawl in it with him. As she told InStyle editor-in-chief Laura Brown for our June cover story, “Other people are off doing things like having a girls’ weekend. I don’t have that because I go home. I want to be with my children and my husband. I will sort of get lost in a character or whatever I’m doing, but I’m constantly working to keep that balance.” She contains multitudes — like a textbook Gemini.

This level of mutual understanding and attraction is obvious in their relationship’s timeline: Kidman and Urban got engaged in the same year that they met, and then were married on June 25, 2006. If you want more proof of their chemistry, look no further than their intimate body language on the red carpet — if they aren’t holding hands, Urban almost definitely will have his arm around Kidman’s waist. Has low-key PDA ever looked so effortless?

As human and real as their romance clearly is, there’s something, shall we say, cosmic about it.