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14 Incredible Celebrity Pregnancy and Baby Bump Reveals
Last week, Irina Shayk wordlessly announced her pregnancy to a crowd full of socialites and fashion authorities on the Victoria's Secret runway in Paris. A simple bump-baring strut was all it took to share Shayk and baby daddy Bradley Cooper's news with the world (er—web). We’re honestly still reeling from the excitement of it all—and also sobbing ourselves to sleep each night because, um, BRADLEY COOPER. But overall, the vibe is joyous. Plus, Irina and bae have a pretty amazing story to tell their future child … I mean, his or her public debut was on an international Victoria’s Secret runway. H/she hasn't been born yet and their life is already more exciting than ours. But believe it or not, Irina is just one of many celebrities to announce their baby news in an amazing, show-stopping way. Boss pregnancy reveals happen every day! VIDEO:Inside the Victoria's Secret Models' Pre-Show Workout Routines [brightcove:5230604803001 player_2] Scroll down below for a look at our favorite celebrity pregnancy news reveals.
The 5 TV Shows InStyle Editors Are Watching This Week

Each week, we bring you our editor-curated “watch list,” filled with all the quirky hidden gems, salacious reality stars, comedy geniuses, and award-worthy newcomers that have us binge-watching and setting our DVRs. We hope this weekly list will help broaden your viewing horizons and fill you with escapist joy. Happy watching!