The actress and entrepreneur's balanced lifestyle includes clean beauty, sweating until you cry, and a cocktail or two. Her interview from the October beauty issue of InStyle, below.

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Naomi Watts
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What's your approach to beauty? In one word, clean.

Has that always been the case? As I got older — that's not a dirty word, by the way — my skin started changing. Years ago I worked 12-to-16-hour days on a TV show for six months. I was under spotlights, and my makeup was being reapplied all day long. My skin started reacting, getting itchy and red. A friend, Larissa Thomson, who'd been doing a deep dive into the clean-beauty category, had me trying different products, and I saw a great reaction. Think about it: If you take out the chemicals, everything's going to be better on sensitive skin.

Naomi Watts
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Is that what led you to create Onda Beauty, your company that curates clean-beauty products? Larissa was developing this idea, and my good friend Sarah Bryden-Brown was involved in start-ups, so I introduced them. I kept trying products from Larissa, and they asked me to be their partner. The business is coming up on its third year.

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So are you rubbing $500 face cream on your feet now just because you can? [laughs] Well, yeah, we get everything for the face, feet, hands, and body. We've got roughly 70 brands that we stock or sell, and people are constantly asking, "Will you consider this?" We're vetting things all the time. My bathroom is ridiculous. It's filled with far too many potions, like an apothecary! You can't really reverse aging, unless you're doing highly sophisticated things with machines and knives, but I think you can slow down the aging process by treating skin the right way — doing the double cleanse, exfoliating, using the right creams.

Naomi Watts
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Are you as devoted to makeup? I'm not fussing over my hair and makeup. I don't think I've ever done anything really out-there for beauty. Except once, I did this Russian massage where two men whack you with bramble branches. It did make the circulation flow and left my skin all soft and smooth, but it seemed so absurd — I felt like I was being punked.

Who do you text when you have a beauty question? Larissa, and I also talk to Taryn Toomey. She's a friend and, for lack of a better term, a wellness warrior. I've been taking her class for eight years. She's all about addressing your fears, anger, rage, then releasing them with the right type of music. You get to a point where you've done a lot of physical exertion, then this great song comes on and you can't push out one more bead of sweat, and it suddenly turns into tears. It feels so good, like you've just gone to an incredible rave.

Naomi Watts
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Is there room for rosé in your wellness regimen? A nice glass of wine with your friends never hurt anyone. And this summer while in Italy, I took a shine to Aperol spritzes. I fully believe in good times; lifestyle is everything.

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