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These Are the Natural Beauty Products Naomi Watts Is Obsessed With

Naomi Watts is going au naturale—in the beauty department, that is.  Ahead of her 49th birthday this year, the star cleaned up her act entirely, swapping out old standards on her vanity for more natural, gentler skin and haircare formulas. "I've always liked the idea of going for more natural products, but I think now is the time where people are more conscious of what is going into the products they're using. I think at my age, you want to be able to do nice things for yourself," the star tells InStyle. "It's not just about eating well and exercising, but also what you're applying to your skin since it does get absorbed." Perfect timing, as her two friends Larissa Thomson and Sarah Bryden-Brown have come together to launch ONDA Beauty, a New York City-based store specializing in natural beauty, of which Watts is a massive supporter. Thomson and Bryden-Brown set out to make the location an oasis in the chaos that is New York, and alongside their 83-product curation, ONDA will also offer treatments, meditation classes, sound bath events, and good vibes in general—the sage and assorted crystals decorating the shelves further drove that point home.  [tiImage img-pos="1" image_style="684xflex" align="left"] "We saged the place the first night before our opening," Thomson tells us. "I wanted to create an environment that was welcoming and felt like a vacation, but could also be educational as a trusted resource for the best in natural products." Between her own knowledge of the beauty market, and Bryden-Brown's expertise in the digital and business landscapes, the store came together pretty organically—pun intended. Not long after the venture began, Watts's own vanity started expanding to include more and more natural products. Thomson and Bryden-Brown chose to include products that were highly-effective, first of all, but were also luxurious and created a spa-like atmosphere when one chooses to indulge in a treatment. Suffice it to say that after long days on the set, Watts is doing just that. "It's nice to just come home and treat yourself, because sometimes, I'm busy and can't set time aside for the spa. It's a rarity for me," she tells us. "At work, the hot lights and makeup do put stress on my skin, but I've really noticed a difference since incorporating natural ingredients into my routine. To me, feeling good is the most important part of beauty." Here, Watts shared some of her favorite natural skincare, hair, and body products. Scroll down to shop each one, and to find out why she's so into them.  VIDEO: Naomi Watts Explains Australia’s ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’