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Miranda Kerr Swears by this Cheap Beauty Tool She Bought on Amazon

The model and Kora Organics founder on at-home facials and dimple-kissing her young son... I GOT MY DIMPLES FROM... My great-grandmother. Hers had the same placement as mine. My dad has one in his chin. And [my 7-year-old son] Flynn has one in his chin plus another on one side. Sometimes we’ll do a little kiss where he puts his [dimple on] mine. It’s quite cute because it’s as if our dimples are kissing. I’m surrounded by dimples—even [my husband] Evan has one in his chin! [tiImage img-pos="2" image_style="684xflex" align="left"] THE FIRST TIME I GOT ATTENTION FOR MY DIMPLES... Was when I was growing up and someone [told] me that having dimples meant I was a flirt. I was like, “I don’t know about that!” Then, when I was modeling, people would comment that my dimples were cute. But I don’t notice them much until I start laughing. That’s when they come out. RELATED: What It's Like to Spend 24 Hours With Miranda Kerr MY ULTIMATE BEAUTY INDULGENCE... Is an at-home spa day. Between Flynn and [having a beauty line], it’s easier to do treatments at home. Plus, I find I can get the same results. If I have someone come over to give me a body massage, I’ll ask them to massage my face too. Then I’ll use this little micro-dermabrasion machine I got really inexpensively on Amazon. After that I’ll rub a few drops of my Noni Glow Face Oil between my palms and pat it all over. The nutrients sink in even deeper after you’ve had a good exfoliation. Then I might follow that with a mask. It’s like my own mini facial. [tiImage img-pos="1" image_style="684xflex" align="left"] THE BEST BEAUTY ADVICE I'VE EVER RECEIVED WAS... From my mum. Since I was a young girl, she’s always told me, “Let your little light shine.” When people can really embrace that and shine from the inside and let their heart come through, that’s what’s so attractive and beautiful. RELATED VIDEO: Is Amazon Prime Worth It? Kerr's Must-Have Kit