Mindy Kaling Shared a Rare Photo of Her Daughter Katherine

The last time she posted a baby pic was Mother's Day.

Today is Mindy Kaling's birthday, but she offered a super-special gift to all of her followers to celebrate. In a new celebratory Instagram post, Kaling shared a sweet snapshot of her daughter, Katherine, who was born back in December 2017. Before today, Kaling posted a snapshot back on Mother's Day, all in keeping with her usual M.O., which is to keep her kiddo away from the spotlight.

Like past photos, Kaling didn't show Katherine's face. However, she did give fans a peek into how everyone was spending her birthday. An intimate breakfast for two looks very nice, indeed.

"A very special birthday morning breakfast," Kaling captioned the image.

In addition to keeping her daughter's appearance a mystery, Kaling explained that she won't be revealing the father's identity, either. At least, she won't be doing it until her daughter decides it's time. She spoke to The New York Times Magazine last year, explaining why she's keeping things private for the time being.

"My feeling is that until I speak to my daughter about that, I'm not going to talk to anyone else about it," Kaling said. "I think people are often surprised that for someone who seems as open as I am on social media and who writes things that seem drawn from my life, I find that stuff [her relationship with Katherine] really private."

Back on Mother's Day, Kaling posted a similar shot of Katherine, with the angle of the camera only showing her from behind.

"Sending a little extra love today to all of the moms, and to anyone who may be missing theirs right now. It's nice how through my daughter, I am able to experience memories with my own mom," Kaling wrote. "If you have a favorite memory about your mom or mother figure, I'd love to hear! #MothersDay."

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