Millie Bobby Brown Traded In Her Long Hair for a Sleek Bob

And she looks so grown up.

Millie Bobby Brown is all for a little hair experimentation. Earlier this year, she dabbled in blonde coloring before adding some forehead fringe at the Stranger Things season 4 premiere. Now, the actress and beauty guru is ditching her long strands for a sleek bob cut that makes her look wise beyond her years (and makes us feel old).

On Wednesday, Brown stepped out in New York City for a Samsung event with a new, mature 'do that just reached below her chin. She wore her hair parted down the middle, tucked behind her ears, and slicked down to her head. The striking style was accompanied by fire-hydrant red lipstick and dewy skin. For clothing, she chose a black peplum tank with a lace border and cinched waist. On the bottom, she wore a thigh-length silk skirt and strappy, Mary-Jane heels.

Millie Bobby Brown Bob Haircut Black Minidress Samsung 2022 Galaxy Creators Lounge Event
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Earlier this week, the young starlet opened up about her journey of healing after ending a toxic relationship with TikTok personality Hunter Ecimovic. In an interview with Allure, she revealed that the two dated before officially calling it quits in January 2021.

"No one on the set knew I was going through this. So, it was kind of nice to be able to just deal with that myself and no one else knew," she said. But when things got more public, it was harder for Brown. On numerous occasions, Ecimovic made false statements that he "groomed" Brown and that the two were in a "sexual relationship when Brown was a minor." Her team denied all of his claims, and she channeled her emotions into her famous character Eleven.

"It was a year of healing," she told Allure. "When you get publicly humiliated this way, I felt so out of control and powerless. Walking away and knowing that I'm worth everything and this person didn't take anything from me, it felt very empowering. It felt like my life had finally turned a page and that I actually had ended a chapter that felt so fucking long."

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