Millie Bobby Brown Is Attending Purdue University for College

From Hawkins to West Lafayette.

Between starring in one of the most successful Netflix series of all time and heading her own makeup and skincare line, Florence by Mills, it's clear Millie Bobby Brown already has a pretty stacked resumé. But now, the star is adding another line to her impressive list of accomplishments: college student.

During an interview with Allure for its September cover story, the young star revealed that she's currently taking online classes at Purdue University where she studies human services. The major — which is described as giving students "knowledge in human development and family studies, skills for working with people in service agencies, and program evaluation skills," per the university's website — is where "you learn about the system and how to help young people," according to Brown.

Millie Bobby Brown
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Although she's not currently attending classes in person, Purdue University is located in Indiana — aka the same state where the fictional town of Hawkins is located in Stranger Things. While the show just recently released its epic two-part fourth season, with the fifth and final season said to come out in 2024 or 2025, Millie opened up about how her career has developed since landing the breakout role while talking to the publication.

"At first it was really fun," Brown said of acting. "And then I was like, 'Gosh, I could really do things with this. I could really change the world with this.' There was something about acting that made me feel powerful, impactful, and like I could inspire people."

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