Miley Cyrus's Super Bowl Prep Involves a Treadmill, a Sports Bra and Bikini Kill

Rehearsal has never looked so ... athletic?

How does one prepare for a performance as culturally prominent and widely viewed as the Super Bowl? Well, if you're Miley Cyrus, you … jog.

The singer shared a video of herself in a pink Nike sports bra and black sweatpants on Wednesday belting Bikini Kill's "Rebel Girl" while she was running on a treadmill. Then, she continued to rehearse, stepping off the treadmill and breaking into a rendition of her Plastic Hearts hit "Angels Like You."

After a heartfelt post-workout performance, Cyrus gave us a 2013 throwback and concluded her video with a few bars from "We Can't Stop."

While the singer isn't the Super Bowl LV headliner (that honor belongs to The Weekend), she will be performing as part of the event's TikTok Tailgate before a crowd of 7,500 healthcare workers from the Florida area — all of whom will reportedly have received both shots of the coronavirus vaccine prior to attending.

Rock — er, run? — on, Miley.

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