There Could Be New Miley Cyrus Music on the Way

Or is it from Hannah Montana?

Back in 2019, Miley Cyrus announced that she'd be releasing a trio of EPs. So far, fans have only gotten She Is Coming, which debuted in May 2019, but it looks like there could be some new material on the way. In a tweet, Cyrus offered up a clip from her 2007 music video for "Start All Over," writing, "Meet Miley Cyrus..... again." She added the hashtags #SheIsComing (fitting) and, more tellingly, #ButForRealThisTime.

What the Hannah Montana throwback means is still unclear. Knowing Cyrus's playful nature, it could just be something to give her followers a dose of nostalgia, not necessarily an indication that she's going back to a bubblegum-pop sound.

IHeartRadio reports that Cyrus's EPs were supposed to be released in 2019, but they were delayed after she underwent vocal chord surgery. Cyrus teased the new material in an interview with Variety, saying that she was working with Cardi B and Shawn Mendes.

"I actually sent him a DM and said I don't know what you're trying to do next because I've actually been in his position in his career too before where you're someone who I think is trying to fit into pop music and you want to be played on pop music but you don’t want to be conformist and you want to do your own thing," she said of working with Mendes. "I love the way that he always kind of plays alternative pop because it's something that I love to do."

Fans also got a tease when Cyrus appeared on an Australian radio show in March, telling host Smallzy that she was working hard and excited to give listeners new tunes.

"I am getting super close, I am feeling the urgency. I am definitely actively on it and ready to go," she said. "I've got some music that is sounding super rock and roll and I'm just excited to share, but not too much longer."

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