Miley Cyrus Climbed an L.A. Landmark Naked

Are you even surprised?

She's done it on a wrecking ball. She basically did it on the MTV VMAs stage. So, it's not surprising that Miley Cyrus managed to climb an iconic Los Angeles landmark completely naked. In a virtual birthday tribute to her pal Wayne Coyne, a member of the Flaming Lips, Cyrus casually mentioned that after a "rager," she found herself climbing the sign atop the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel naked.

The tidbit of au natural spelunking came at the end of a series of photos on Cyrus's Stories, which included some of her favorite moments with Coyne — they've been friends since 2014 when Cyrus wished him a happy birthday. The last shot broke the naked news.

"I climbed the Roosevelt sign naked," she wrote under a photo showing her and Coyne on L.A.'s Hollywood Boulevard.

miley cyrus instagram story

Named for President Theodore Roosevelt, the hotel (specifically Teddy's bar) featured heavily in the '00s classic The Hills and can count Marilyn Monroe, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie as famous guests.

While the naked urban exploring happened while she was raging, Cyrus has opened up about her sobriety, meaning that any future adventures won't be the result of too much fun, but just, ahem, Miley being Miley.

And about that unconventional friendship, Coyne explained it all in an interview with The Guardian.

"I tweeted her back my phone number and said, 'Text me,'" he said . "Since then, we've texted each other every day. I'll say, 'What are you doing?' and she'll send me pictures of herself peeing. Sometimes it's 1,000 times a day, sometimes it's a couple of times a day, but we're in each other's lives."

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