Miley Cyrus LEAD
Credit: Jemal Countess/Getty

Miley Cyrus loves nothing more than to spend a lazy day cuddling with her many pets, and that's exactly what she did yesterday. The 23-year-old singer and actress hung out around the house wearing a teeny black bikini and spent time cuddling with her furry friends—a pretty nice way to spend the weekend, if we do say so ourselves.

Cyrus's first Instagram post of the day featured her feeding her pet pig. She's rocking a plain black bikini and black-and-white checkered sandals as she pours out food for the little porker. Her body is toned and tan, and her hair is pulled back into a basic bun.

In the caption, she noted how ironic it is that the pig is a vegan, just like her: "Pig feedin time is daaaaa best time! The appreciation is real! The only one that loves veggies as much as me is Piggggy! Kinda ironic she is a vegan #feedinpigznmybikini."

Later in the day, she posted a selfie while she cuddled up with one of her dogs. The pooch doesn't look too thrilled to have its picture taken, but Cyrus is all smiles and she relaxes with her four-legged pal.

A bikini might not be traditional farmer's attire, but Miley makes it work in the way that only Miley can.