Miley Cyrus Asked a Fan Out on a Date on TikTok

The woman requested the singer pick her next tattoo, but got a much better offer instead.

Over the past few days, Miley Cyrus has been watching fan TikTok videos and responding to their requests. According to fan account @MileyNewsAccess on Twitter, the singer has offered her advice on major life decisions ranging from baby names to the institution of marriage. But when one woman asked Miley to weigh in on her next tattoo, she replied with an invitation to go out on a date instead.

"If Miley comments I'll get whatever tattoo she says," the woman wrote alongside a video of herself dancing to Cyrus's new song "Plastic Hearts." To everyone's surprise, Miley not only responded, but asked her out. "How about the time and place of our first date?" she wrote, adding a string of emojis, including a heart, cherry, tongue, and lips.

Naturally, the woman was more than happy to take Miley up on her offer. "I'm down to take you out anytime," she replied.

In addition to asking a fan out on a date, Miley suggested another shave her head, and even picked out the name California for one's future baby. She also encouraged a couple to tie the knot while trolling her marriage (and subsequent divorce) to Liam Hemsworth. "Hope it goes better for you two than it did for me. Congrats," she wrote, after the pair promised they would get married if Miley commented on their video.

As for the reason behind the recent influx of TikTok comments, Miley explained it's keeping her entertained during lockdown. "Does Miley Cyrus just have a ton of time on her hands? She's commented on every video I've seen," one user wrote of her observation, to which Miley responded: "Quarantine."

Well, that's one way to make the hours go by.

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