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Michelle Pfeiffer Is Still Adjusting to Fame

“I said, ‘Stardom looks right on some people, but it wouldn’t on me.’ And, innately, I still feel that way.”

Michelle Pfeiffer is Back (as if She Ever Left)

The 60-year-old actress opens up about her return to the big screen, an upcoming fragrance launch — and finally joining Instagram.

16 Celebs You Didn't Know Were Once Beauty Pageant Queens

Miss America 2019 (which, yes, is happening in 2018) is right around the corner, and with it your annual excuse to watch Miss Congeniality judgment-free. Though the nature of the competition has changed a lot through the last 98 years (this will be the first year without a swimsuit contest component), the gist of it remains the same: tiaras, evening gowns, and a universal desire for world peace. No matter what you think of beauty pageantry, there’s no denying that these competitions give young women a platform. Many pageant queens go on to do great things (ahem, Oprah, Diane Sawyer … ). VIDEO: Miss America Is Ditching Its Swimsuit Competition Scroll down below to see 16 women who made the transition from pageant contestant to celebrity.

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25 Stars Who Suffer from Imposter Syndrome

Stars, they're just like us. While they may be dressed to the nines and live downright glamorous lives, deep down, celebrities feel the same pressures that we all do. From doubting their own talent to feeling uninformed about politics, many famous stars have struggled to build self-confidence at one point or another in their careers and personal lives. Despite their vast and impressive achievements, they've suffered from imposter syndrome: the fear of ultimately being revealed as a fraud.  Turns out, no one is safe from feeling inadequate now and again. And plenty of stars, from Tina Fey and Meryl Streep to Ryan Reynolds and Tom Hanks, have spoken out on the matter. Below, 25 celebrities sound off on their perceived shortcomings.