Michelle Dockery's Longtime Favorite PJs Are Surprisingly Affordable

Michelle Dockery played Lady Mary Crawley on Downton Abbey for years, but in real life, her nighttime wardrobe is far less glamorous. The actress stopped byDirty Laundry to chat with InStyle’s Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown about her most loved and treasured fashion items, and they might look familiar to all of us couch potatoes. First, Dockery pulled out one of her fave graphic tees to sleep in which reads, “Or maybe we’ll just drink.”

“When you asked me, ‘Would you like to come and do Dirty Laundry?I felt like saying to Laura, ‘Or maybe we’ll just drink,’” the actress joked on the People TV show. “This is what I wear as part of my pajamas, which leads to my next item. These are my pajama bottoms, which I’ve had for many years,” she said, pulling out a pair of printed J.Crew P.J. pants. You read that right: Michelle Dockery wears J.Crew on the reg.

VIDEO: Michelle Dockery's Favorite Leather Jacket Now Belongs to Her Good Behavior Character

“Basically what you do, you drink your way to sleep,” Brown joked, commenting on the mixed message that the outfit was sending.

“Exactly, yeah. That’s why they go together so well,” Dockery responded.

Watch the videos above for more from Dockery, including the AllSaints leather jacket she owns and loves so much, she even had her character wear it on Good Behavior.

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