Michael Kors's Cat Has the Best Quarantine Setup We've Ever Heard Of

Mimi De MauMau has Mies van der Rohe furniture and a pile of fleece blankets, and we want in.

Michael Kors Cat
Photo: Michael Kors

As the coronavirus pandemic has changed the world as we know it, some of fashion's biggest names are moving quickly to respond. Major labels like Christian Siriano have begun channeling their resources into producing protective equipment, while others, including Khaite and Proenza Schouler, are donating to organizations working on the front lines of the crisis.

But when it comes to coping behind (literal) closed doors, many industry players are turning to their beloved pets for comfort.

For our ongoing #emotionalsupportanimals series we’ve been chatting with some of our favorite designers, models, stylists about the furry friends bringing them joy right now. Last week we checked in on Valentino's creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli and his dog Miranda and designer Brandon Maxwell and his adorable pup Stella. Up next? The iconic Michael Kors who recently contributed $2 million to NYC hospitals and the meal delivery non-profit Gods Love We Deliver, and who is hanging out at home with his beloved cat.

InStyle: How long have you had your cat and what breed is she?

Michael Kors: She’s a Seal Point Cream Cornish Rex cat and just turned sweet 16.

What’s the story behind getting her?

We got her from a great breeder in Connecticut. When we got there, she was the shiest of all of the kittens in the litter. It was like she was flirting with us.

What do you call her?

My favorite nickname for her is Mimi De MauMau. It’s the name of one of the Parisian streetwalkers in Irma La Douce, which is one of my favorite Shirley MacLaine movies. I think that Mimi De MauMau sounds like a French cat.

Michael Kors Cat
Michael Kors

It does! And what is Mimi’s favorite place to hang out in the house?

Any place with lots of sun. She’s a sun worshipper, but when there is no sun outside we put heat lamps over a Mies van der Rohe bench that is piled with L.L. Bean polar fleece blankets.

What does she like to do when she’s not lounging?

She has an enormous selection of toys. Her favorite is a miniature felt handbag with catnip inside. She also loves to play with her laser light. Not sure what she thinks it is, probably some kind of insect. But it definitely gets her moving. It’s like SoulCycle for cats.

Is she enjoying the extra time with you in self-isolation?

That’s an understatement. The only living creature in my life who is excited and happy about self-quarantine is this cat. She is thrilled to have 24/7 attention and people around.

Do you think she’s picked up on your energy and tried to be more comforting?

She likes to be glued to us physically. So, if we are sitting in a chair, she jumps on our laps. If we are lying in bed, she crawls on our chests. Ultimately, it’s about her feeling good, not us. But at the same time, the minute she’s on my chest or lap, it does calm me down.

That must be helpful these days.

Realistically we are all living a house cat’s life now. Mimi’s life has never been about seeing other cats or going out and about. I think this moment it makes you appreciate your home, your friends, and your loved ones. When your world gets smaller, you appreciate what you have.

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