Melissa McCarthy Said Meghan Markle's Face "Lit Up" When Prince Harry Walked in the Room

The Bridesmaids star recalled a cute moment while filming the duchess's 40x40 birthday campaign.

Melissa McCarthy just revealed a cute little moment between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. While appearing on the morning talk show Lorraine, the Spy actress recalled what it was like to work on Meghan Markle's 40x40 initiative birthday video, especially one sweet moment when Prince Harry entered the room.

"You know what was so cute — I could tell he walked in because we were talking and she went, 'Oh hi,' and her whole face lit up," McCarthy said remembering a Zoom planning meeting the two had while developing the concept for the video. "It was so sweet and genuine."

She continued, "And then he ducked his head in and was like, 'Is it weird if I juggle?' And I said 'It sure is,' and then I said 'what about standing outside that window?' and he goes, 'That's what I was thinking.'"

The Identity Thief star added that she appreciated his quirky idea. "I was like, 'Are you weird and funny to boot?' I love anyone that will do something weird, so I was like, 'I tip my hat.'"

McCarthy and Markle filmed the hilarious video to promote the Duchess' 40x40 mentorship initiative that she developed in honor of her 40th birthday. The program aims to encourage others to take 40 minutes of their time to mentor another woman re-entering the workforce post-COVID.

McCarthy and her Bridesmaids co-star Chris O'Dowd appeared on the talk show to promote their new film The Starling. McCarthy's involvement with Markle's 40th birthday video came up after the interviewer asked her what was funnier: O'Dowd or Prince Harry juggling?

"I mean they're different glorious traits," she responded. "It's apples and orangutans. They both are my favorites, let's leave it at that."

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