See What Made Melissa McCarthy Apologize for Being So 'Creepy' at the InStyle Awards

She even pulled the move on herself by accident.

What would you do if you crossed paths with Olympian Simone Biles? It's exactly what happened to Melissa McCarthy (and every other guest) at the 2021 InStyle Awards, but the Nine Perfect Strangers star was probably the only one who wept in the presence of greatness and then took to the stage to apologize for it.

When McCarthy took to the podium to accept this year's Icon Award, she recounted the incident, which doesn't quite sound creepy to us, but she's the one that went through it, so she'd know better. Biles was in attendance to accept the Original Award (and had the honor of having a poem by National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman recited to her).

"Simone Biles, I'm sorry I saw you and I burst out crying and talked about what you mean to women and my two daughters," she said. "I don't take it back, I'm just sorry I did it in such a creepy way."

Melissa McCarthy 2021 InStyle Awards
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"I think I'm like an old tattered quilt, you know, one that's been around for a minute. It's been randomly put together by novice sewers. My corners don't meet up, I'm pretty sure my colors clash. I've got too much stuffing in some parts and not enough in others," McCarthy continued, only to be overcome by her emotions — it was enough to give her a Simone Biles moment of her own. "I have to say that at 51, I feel pretty damn grateful that my two tremendous daughters and my fella choose me to curl up with at night and give them comfort. Oh god, this is what I did to Simone. It's just a shit show, I can't keep it together."

She finished by thanking her family again, calling out her mother Sandy specifically for allowing her to pursue stand-up comedy and not fashion design, which is initially what she went to college for.

"'I don't trust those fashion people,'" McCarthy recalls her mother saying, delighting that she was recounting the story at the InStyle Awards of all places. "'They seem shady.' So, long story short, we're all here tonight because of our imperfection. It is our bumps and bruises that make us who we are. And I thank you for it. And I thank my mom for her terrible advice, but mainly tonight is about the fact that 20 years ago, my mom thought you were all garbage."

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