Mel C. Wants a Spice Girls Reunion — With Victoria Beckham Involved

Little Gucci dress optional.

If Mel C. had her way, the Spice Girls would ride again as a quintet, just like they did when they arrived with "Wannabe." In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Sporty Spice (real name Melanie Chisholm) said that there is a reunion tour in the works and that she'd do her best to get the original lineup to perform: Chisholm, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell, Melanie Brown, and Victoria Beckham.

Chisholm said that before the coronavirus pandemic, the group wanted to start touring again, with dates in the United States. Just last summer, the group (minus Posh) toured Ireland and the U.K.

Sporty told ET that she plans on doing "everything I can within my power to try and get all of us back on stage together." That includes Beckham: "Yeah, of course we [want her to join]! We talk about it all the time. We're always going, 'Oh, one day, maybe she will one day.'"

Spice Girls
Dave J Hogan / Contributor

While Beckham wasn't on the tour, Chisholm said that she did have input into the entire production.

"We were kind of hoping she'd end up coming on the last one. Of course, we respect Victoria's decision, and her feeling towards it," she said. "Although she wasn't with us on the stage, she was very much involved in the show. We wanted her to be happy and comfortable with all of the direction, with the creative and everything, because it's her baby as much as the rest of us."

"I hope so, I really do," she said of bringing the Spice Girls reunion tour to America. "We talk all the time, we talk about what we'd like to do, any options that we have. We would love to do more shows, we really would."

It's not just the U.S., either. Sporty added that she wants to tour the whole globe again, but she understands that it'll all have to wait.

"Obviously, [this year] has gone nuts and no one knows what's gonna happen with shows, for now," she said. "But personally for me, speaking on my own behalf, I would love to do Spice Girls shows in the U.S., in South America, in Southeast Asia, and get into Australia finally. All those places we never got to, as well as the U.S., because I love to be there."

Chisholm said that even if they don't tour, she's proud of everything that the group accomplished and that she's happy to see the legacy of the Spice Girls live on, since the music is still getting passed on from friend to friend, from moms to their kids, and from big projects like the 2012 London Olympics and the reunion tours.

"There's an incredible generation of young women and young guys that have grown up loving the Spice Girls and being very inspired by them. So we just want to continue that, and we want to inspire future generations," she finished. "There's been talks about animation, there's been other little things along the way. But in all honesty, what I want to do is the shows! That's the big one for me."

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