A Royal Expert Says Princess Diana Would "Surely Be Proud" of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

From fashion to facing the press, only these wives know exactly what it's like to marry into the British royal family.

Kate Middleton Meghan Markle Trouping the Color 2018 Blue Dress Hats
Photo: Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Just a few days after Prince Harry said that he's certain that all his work with the Invictus Games — and his role as a dad to Archie and Lillibet — would make his mother, Princess Diana, very proud, a royal expert explained that both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton should be very happy with their place in the late princess's legacy, too. A royal expert told The Daily Express that Diana would "surely be proud" of both of her daughters-in-law. Daena Borrowman said that she'd be happy to see Meghan and Kate bringing their own personalities to the royals and highlight things that are near and dear to them.

"With no palace dress code to hold her back, the Duchess has been able to really re-embrace her spectacular sense of style," Borrowman, marketing manager of jewellerybox, said of Meghan's style. "She has a long history of backing feminist and female-led causes, long before her royal initiation. However, since becoming royal, she has been using her clothes and jewelry to make strong statements of support to smaller designers from around the world."

Borrowman also said that while Kate's style has been more similar to Diana's, both she and Meghan have paid homage to Diana with some of their outfits and the pair also inject their clothes with modern, contemporary touches. By bringing some of Diana's pieces out of the archives, like when Kate wore her Collingwood pearl earrings and three-strand pearl bracelet, the public gets a subtle reminder of Diana's style and the duchesses carry a piece of her memory with them. Meghan's been seen in Diana's butterfly earrings and diamond tennis bracelet, Marie Claire adds.

"Though the internet has often compared Meghan's looks to the Duchess of Cambridge's looks, both Duchesses have proved that the formula to a sensational workday outfit is centered around a strong coat combined with unpretentious wardrobe staples," Borrowman said. "While Duchess Kate has had to be trained on her public image since stepping into the royal family, Duchess Meghan's former career in show business and lifelong exposure to the media has, in a way, equipped her for royal life from the get-go."

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