Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Might Return to the U.K. and Be Part-Time Royals

The move could come when Prince Charles becomes king.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Photo: Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

When Prince Charles ascends the throne and trades in his prince title to king, it could usher in more than just a few changes to the royal family, including where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle factor in to the arrangement. During an appearance on the To Di For Daily podcast, royal author Tom Quinn, who wrote Kensington Palace: An Intimate Memoir from Queen Mary to Meghan Markle, said that Harry and Meghan are "hoping to return to the U.K. as part-time royals" since Charles is seen as more of a "modernizer" than Queen Elizabeth.

"Meghan and Harry believe that when the elder royals die — in other words, Elizabeth — they may well be able when Charles is King, be able to come back and be the part-time royals that they really wanted to be," Quinn said, citing sources in the palace. "So that they would be six months [being] working royals and six months in the States or wherever doing their own thing."

Back in February 2021, the queen mentioned that she didn't think it was possible for Harry and Meghan to only have their responsibilities part-time. So, it's not the first time that the Sussexes have brought up the arrangement.

"The Queen has written confirming that in stepping away from the work of the Royal Family it is not possible to continue with the responsibilities and duties that come with a life of public service," a statement from Buckingham Palace read at the time.

"I think Meghan and Harry are hoping that Charles, Harry's father after all, will be more of a modernizer and will say to them, 'OK, if you want to be part-time royals, that's fine,'" Quinn added.

Quinn's comments come after Harry said that he might not attend the queen's Platinum Jubilee this year over some misunderstandings about personal security and the family's concerns over what could be in Harry's upcoming memoir.

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