Archie's Preschool Sounds Like the Perfect Fit for a Sussex

Mindfulness and sustainability are on the syllabus.

Little Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor is just two years old, but his schooling is already raising eyebrows. According to Marie Claire, his California pre-school is a far cry from the traditional school that his cousins are attending in the U.K., Thomas's Battersea. Keeping in line with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's dedication to mental health and environmental sustainability, the school's curriculum is more than just reading and math.

A parent told The Mirror that Meghan and Harry are pretty low-key parents and that the other students are blithely unaware that they're rubbing shoulders with aristocracy.

"They don't know his parents are royalty, and probably wouldn't care — unless Meghan was a Disney princess," a source explained. "Harry often drops Archie off and picks him up, and seems like a good dad."

Prince Harry Meghan Markle
Photo by Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Archie's schooling puts a focus on "compassion for one another," MC continues, and in a move that's perfectly in line with Harry's own philanthropy, teaches kiddos to care for the environment. The campus also has fruit trees, butterflies, and hummingbirds — and just in case that sounds like too much of a fairy tale, Spanish, dance, and coding are all on offer, too.

The hands-on learning is in line with Archie's home life, which includes a chicken coop and walks along the beach with his pops.

"He's so sweet with the chickens, too," Ellen DeGeneres said when Meghan made a surprise appearance on her show. "Archie is just such a gentle soul."

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