Did Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Just Give a Glimpse of Their New Home?

The couple appeared in their first joint call after reportedly buying a new house.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have appeared in their first joint video call since news broke that they bought a new house in Montecito, Calif.

On Thursday, the Queen's Commonwealth Trust, the charity which they preside over as president (Harry) and vice president (Meghan), shared a video of a conversation between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and a group of young leaders, discussing social media and using the internet as a force for good.

They were joined by Brighton Kaoma, founder of Agents of Change Foundation in Zambia; Hunter Johnson, founder of The Man Cave in Australia; Rosie Thomas, co-founder of Project Rockit in Australia; and, Vee Kativhu, Study & Empowerment YouTuber and founder of "Empowered by Vee."

Meghan wore a black and white sleeveless dress while Harry wore a white button-up shirt; the two of them sat in a well-lit corner in front of two windows with a large plant in the background. Given the reported news that they settled in a home near Santa Barbara after having spent the last few months at Tyler Perry's L.A. house, the couple may have given fans a glimpse at the new house.

During the call, they discussed finding a healthy balance on online communities, noting the toxicity that social media can often breed.

"Everyone’s mental and emotional wellbeing are perhaps more fragile than ever before, certainly with COVID and our dependability on our devices right now in the absence of human interaction," Meghan said. "People are going online more than ever before to feel community. And unfortunately, which you rightly point out, when that community becomes divisive, when that community isn’t a pact for good but is a pact of people ganging up on one another, I think what’s challenging about that is if people don’t feel an escape, and it can probably feel really lonely in that space."

Harry also said that the future was in these young leaders' hands, prompting Meghan to joke, "Stop, we’re not that old."

The Sussexes have been vocal in recent weeks about the responsibilities online platforms have to their users. Harry penned an essay about completely re-designing social media to address "the conditions for a crisis of hate," and he and Meghan have become active supporters of the Stop Hate For Profit campaign seeking to end online hate speech.

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