The couple says drones and helicopters are trying to snap photos of Archie.

By Christopher Luu
Jul 23, 2020 @ 7:53 pm

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are taking legal action and suing paparazzi after being bombarded with drones and invasive photographers at their new Los Angeles home. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the former senior royals filed an official complaint today, stating that they are taking what they see is the best course of action to ensure the safety of their son, Archie, and insist that any other parent would do the same.

According to a complaint filed Thursday in L.A. County Superior Court by Michael Kump, Harry and Meghan are taking legal action because of "serial intrusions on the privacy of a 14-month-old child in his own home, and the desire and responsibility of any parent to do what is necessary to protect their children from this manufactured feeding frenzy."

Prince Harry Meghan Markle - LEAD

Court documents state that the Daily Mail published Harry and Meghan's home address when they were residing in Canda, which led to the paparazzi coming to their home. They moved to Los Angeles and the suit claims that the Daily Mail released the address of their home again. Naturally, the paparazzi came after the information was made public — only this time around, they brought drones and helicopters.

"Some paparazzi and media outlets have flown drones a mere 20 feet above the house, as often as three times a day, to obtain photographs of the couple and their young son in their private residence," Kump's complaint reads. "Others have flown helicopters above the backyard of the residence, as early as 5:30 a.m. and as late as 7:00 p.m., waking neighbors and their son, day after day. And still others have even cut holes in the security fence itself to peer through it."

Harry and Meghan also claim that photos of Archie are being intentionally mislabeled so that they can be sold for publication. In California, THR notes, it's illegal to sell photos of children in their own homes. So, paparazzi are shopping photos and claiming that Archie was in Malibu, even though Harry and Meghan insist that he doesn't leave the house. They admit that becuase of who they are, photos of Harry and Meghan are consdidered newsworthy, but the case is focusing on the photos of Archie.

"The Plaintiffs have done everything in their power to stay out of the limelight except in connection with their work, which they freely admit is newsworthy," Kump's complaint continues. "But the photos at issue are not news. They are not public interest. They are harassment. The sole point to taking and/or selling such invasive photos is to profit from a child."

In addition to the court filing, Krump also released a statement on Harry and Meghan's behalf, saying that everyone is guaranteed the right to privacy in their own homes — and that right extends to the former royals.

"Every individual and family member in California is guaranteed by law the right to privacy in their home," the statement reads. "No drones, helicopters or telephoto lenses can take away that right. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are filing this lawsuit to protect their young son’s right to privacy in their home without intrusion by photographers, and to uncover and stop those who seek to profit from these illegal actions."