Meghan Markle Said She "Started to Sweat" When Mariah Carey Called Out Her "Diva Moments"

"It stopped me in my tracks."

Meghan Markle
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The second episode of Meghan Markle's much-anticipated podcast, Archetypes with Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, hit Spotify on Tuesday, and this time, the royal was joined by singer Mariah Carey.

Throughout the 45-minute runtime, the Duchess discussed the "Duality of Diva" with her guest — aka the debatable queen of pop divas herself. While talking about navigating life as biracial women and tapping into their diva energy, Meghan also admitted that she originally panicked when Carey accused her of having "diva moments" due to her complicated relationship with the press.

"You give us diva moments sometimes, Meghan. Don't act like [you don't]," Carey said after Meghan shared that she doesn't personally "connect to" the "diva persona." Meghan, clearly surprised, replied, "What kind of diva moments did I give you?"

Later in the episode, Markle reflected on the moment alone after wrapping up her conversation with Carey. "[The conversation] was all going swimmingly, really well, until that moment happened," she recalled. "It stopped me in my tracks when she called me a diva. … I started to sweat a little bit. I started squirming in my chair in this quiet revolt. Why would you say that? My mind genuinely was just spinning with what nonsense she must have read or clicked on to make her say that."

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The Duchess then pointed out that Carey reassured her the title was a compliment, adding, "She must've felt my nervous laughter…and she jumped right in to make sure I was crystal clear when she said diva she was talking about the way that I dress, the posture, the clothing…She meant diva as a compliment. But I heard it as a dig," she explained. "I heard it as the word diva, as I think of it. But, in that moment, as she explained to me, she meant it as chic, as aspirational. And how one very charged word can mean something different for each of us, it's mind-blowing to me."

During the conversation, the pair also discussed what it was like to grow up without feeling like they fit in due to the color of their skin. "Because we're light-skinned, you are not treated as a black woman," Meghan shared. "You're not treated as a white woman. You sort of fit in between. If there is any time where there was more focus on my race it was when I started dating my husband. Then I started to understand what it was like to be treated like a black woman because up until then I was treated as a mixed woman and things really shifted."

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