Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Bought a $14.7 Million House in Santa Barbara

They are reportedly settling in to "the quiet privacy of their community."

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and baby Archie are officially residents of California. According to People, the couple has settled into a new home in Santa Barbara, a coastal city north of Los Angeles. A source confirmed the news to the outlet telling then, "They have settled into the quiet privacy of their community since their arrival and hope that this will be respected for their neighbors, as well as for them as a family."

The Daily Mail reports that the home cost $14.7 Million and is around 14,563-square-feet.

Prior to the move, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were reportedly staying at Tyler Perry's home. There were concerns about privacy after several drones flew over the home to take pictures of the family."They see these drones coming in at them, and they guess that they are being operated by photographers, but they can't just assume that," a source told The Daily Beast.

The couple is now reportedly suing the paparazzi for serial intrusions on the privacy of a 14-month-old child in his own home, and the desire and responsibility of any parent to do what is necessary to protect their children from this manufactured feeding frenzy."

meghan harry move to santa barbara

Privacy concerns aside, the couple seems to be settling into their quieter life in California. They have only been spotted a few times, while out doing charity work. Lately, both the Duke and Duchess have been seen attending video calls and conferences to address systemic racism.

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