Megan Rapinoe Is a Badass Woman — Let Her Tell You Why

The soccer star opened up to InStyle in the latest episode of the Badass Women series.

Megan Rapinoe said it herself: "I don't consider myself a soccer player, I consider myself an entertainer."

During the 2019 World Cup, the star player of the women's team went viral for her "are you not entertained" victory pose, which was, indeed, extremely entertaining. Of course, the attention was more than well-deserved — you don't win the Golden Boot and the Golden Ball for nothing.

A few months after her win, Rapinoe sat down for the second season of InStyle's Badass Women video series to talk about what it is that makes her so badass.

Dressed in a white suit with red piping (which allowed her signature magenta hair to truly pop), the 34-year-old champion revealed how she sees herself in the world, and how she's using her platform to elevate not only others like her (women athletes and the LGBTQ community), but anyone who may be suffering injustice.

"In the same sense that I've asked people to step out there and sort of be an ally for me, for me not to go and do the exact same thing and to have a conviction like that is hypocrisy."

Rapinoe also spoke on coming out as gay in college, her relationship with Sue Bird (if you're not already shipping these two, what are you waiting for?), how she got into soccer, and her fight for gender pay equality. In sum: "The whole term, like, 'no f—ks given,' I think I'm like actually the opposite of that, like 'I give all the f—ks."

Watch Rapinoe's episode above, and check back in every Tuesday for the next episode of InStyle's Badas Women series.

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