Megan Fox Punches Machine Gun Kelly in the Face in New Movie Trailer

Safe to say that the set of Midnight in the Switchgrass was not the most romantic atmosphere.

Considering the romantic intensity of Machine Gun Kelly (born Colson Baker) and Megan Fox's relationship, I assumed the film they met on was … a rom-com? Well, no, Midnight in the Switchgrass is a crime thriller and judging by the first trailer, Fox and Baker's characters do not fall in love.

Fox, who plays an FBI agent in the film, first comes across Baker's character in a hotel room (undercover, of course). When she denies his sexual advances and he retaliates with a knife, she punches him in the face. A far cry from touching tongues on the red carpet or wearing coordinating Mickey Mouse ears at Disneyland (perhaps they'll save it for the sequel?).

Anyway, the movie looks rather intense (not unlike Fox's date night heels), but we have nothing but respect for the project that bred Hollywood's most flamboyant couple.

The film, which also stars Bruce Willis and Emilie Hirsch, is set to arrive in theaters July 23.

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