Megan Fox Dressed Just Like Bella Hadid in This 2001 Mary-Kate and Ashley Movie

The pully top! The beaded necklace! Honestly, we're inspired.

Make a Scene: Megan Fox in Holiday in the Sun
Photo: Dualstar Productions

While we've definitely used Megan Fox's recent outfits as a source of fashion inspiration — her intense date night shoes, those Barbie-like red carpet ensembles, etc. — it might be time to dig into her past, too. After all, since the moment the actress stepped onto the scene, she's managed to wear some pretty iconic looks.

And yes, that includes her costumes from her very first film role, playing Brianna Wallace in Holiday in the Sun.

If your memory is a bit foggy when it comes to recalling this 2001 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie, not to worry. All you really need to know is that Fox was 'the mean girl,' and looking back, her character kind of dressed like modern-day Bella Hadid.

Brianna's style — full of lace-up tank tops, kick-flare bottoms, and beaded necklaces — was pretty much peak Y2K, which now means these looks are worth copying in 2021, when items like camp necklaces and pully tops are on our shopping lists.

Plus, we're pretty sure Brianna's crop top and midi skirt combo is one of the easiest outfits of the summer (and pairs perfectly with what looks like a heeled pair of flip flops). We'd barely blink an eye if Fox rewore that same outfit today — in fact, we'd probably comment on how cute it looked, then try to add it to cart, ASAP.

Still, the Brianna outfit we can't stop thinking about involves a sweet polo tank top. We've seen similar options all over, from A.L.C., Zara, 525, and even Nike. And while the teen wears her own with black bottoms, we can envision it styled with tennis skirts, trousers, flared jeans, and so much more. It's practically a shest.

Of course, this isn't the only time one of Fox's old movie outfits has left us with an urge to play dress-up. Remember when we realized how she perfectly laced her sandals around her jeans in Jennifer's Body, pulling off the ankle straps trend? This kind of coincidence makes us so curious about her other on-screen looks. Would they work in 2021, too?

Time to cue up Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen....

Sometimes, outfits from movies and TV shows stay on our minds long after we've stopped watching. Made a Scene celebrates specific on-screen looks and explores why they're (still) worth obsessing over.

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