Megan Fox Wore a Bustier Under a Blingy Blazer

Her brand of business casual always involves boudoir basics.

A celebrity coffee run used to involve Juicy Couture tracksuits and a baseball cap, but Megan Fox didn't go incognito to get her latest buzz. Instead, she followed her usual M.O. of blending lingerie-inspired pieces with businesswear.

This time, while she was out in New York City, she paired a black bustier with a coordinating black suit — though it featured a few gilt details on the jacket's lapel and matching gold buttons on the flare of the pants. Fox finished the look with a bold, chunky chain-strap bag and open-toe shoes, though the hem of her flares did drag on the asphalt in a true throwback to floor-dragging pants of the '00s.

Megan Fox Wore a Bustier Under a Blazer

Fox's last few business-leaning outfits include a beige pantsuit that she paired with a bra and a pinstripe suit that she wore with lacy lingerie and stockings. Even when she's not slipping into suiting, she's no stranger to wearing a bra as a top and, in true celebrity form, just opting for a naked dress.

Though Fox's latest foray into suiting shows off plenty of skin thanks to her cropped bustier, it's definitely a lot more clothes than she wore in her new SKIMS campaign, which saw her posing alongside her new BFF, Kourtney Kardashian. Those images showed Fox and Kardashian modeling Kim K.'s wares, like cotton thongs, while they fed each other cherries and shared an apple.

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