Credit: Steve Granitz/Getty

Does everyone on Earth have a doppelgänger out there somewhere? If so, the easiest way to discover the person is probably if your match is an A-list celebrity.

We think it's safe to say that mom and Indiana resident Kari Lewis knows the feeling—because she looks like she could be twins with Emma Watson.

The resemblance is so uncanny that others have started to take notice. Pictures of Lewis are going viral, and it caused Buzzfeed to reach out for her opinion on the matter.

"I didn't know who Emma Watson was when I was first spotted at a postal office and a couple of young girls told me I looked like 'Hermione Granger,'" said Lewis. "I had no idea who Hermione was, nor have I ever heard of that name, at the time since this was when the first Harry Potter film was released. So, my mom and I had to look it up and find out who she was."

Instead of fighting the comparison, Lewis seems to embrace it by occasionally cosplaying as Hermione Granger herself.

"I've always loved reading books since I first learned how to read, so I think it was inevitable for me to like Harry Potter so much once I started reading it," she said. "I think it's super cool because I've always related to Hermione in the books (smart, bossy, avid reader, etc). So, it makes cosplaying as Hermione at conventions a thousand times better!"

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No word yet on whether or not Watson has seen Lewis's look, but we have a feeling she'd get a kick out of it too.