No One Wants Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck to Make It More Than Matt Damon

He's all in.

No one is rooting for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's second chance at love more than Matt Damon. During a rapid-fire round of questions while promoting his new movie Stillwater on The Carlos Watson Show, Damon confessed that he's a full-on Bennifer stan.

When asked if Lopez and Affleck's romance was the real deal this time around, Damon replied, "Oh man, no one's pulling harder than I am."

He continued, "They're both great. I just want for their happiness. They seem pretty happy right now." Indeed, Jen and Ben do appear to be rather cheerful these days.

Following the couple's romantic yacht tour around Europe, Bennifer returned to Los Angeles basking in each other's love — whether they're grabbing dinner, taking a stroll on the beach (with Damon as a third wheel), or touring multi-million dollar homes.

Earlier this month, a source told People that the pair is "having an amazing summer together," and are "spending as much time together as possible" before their busy schedules resume in the fall. "They are back in L.A. now after the most special trip to Europe," the insider shared. "They are hanging out with their kids and friends. They are having an amazing summer."

The source added, "They are spending as much time together as possible before they have separate work projects in the fall. Ben will be filming in Texas and Jennifer in Canada."

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