Everything Is Awful, and Comedian Matt Bellassai Is Here to Tell Us Why

Life—right, you guys?

The turbulent political climate combined with our overwhelming feeling of dread that we'll someday die alone can be a lot to handle, and we find ourselves venting about every situation under the sun more often than not. Comedian Matt Bellassai gets it.

He goes into detail about things that are the absolute worst—fall, neighbors, work, couples, what have you—over a bottle of wine in To Be Honest and Whine About It, two of his video shows we constantly have on loop. Now, Bellassai is branching out into the world of books, with his first appropriately-titled work, Everything Is Awful ($17; amazon.com).

Bellassai sat down with us to talk about his new book, as well as things he thinks are awful, and in the vein of our own namesake, things that are in and out of style.

Hit play on the above video to get a running list of Bellassai's thoughts over an entire bottle of wine.

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