Mary-Kate Olsen Stepped Out in N.Y.C. Wearing All Black

The queen of intrigue and incognito dressing is back ... on the 25th anniversary of 'It Takes Two.'

If an all-black shapeless but chic outfit steps out in N.Y.C. and Mary Kate Olsen isn't wearing it, did it even really exist? According to my professional assessment, the answer is decidedly no.

So imagine my excitement when we got a rare glimpse of the fashionable twin on Tuesday, wearing the aforementioned outfit but with a few standout details. Of course, she had on her signature oversized black jacket — a must for any season in her closet. She also had on classic black skinny pants, black ankle booties, and a snakeskin bag. She paired the all-black look with a black beanie and a black face mask that was inexplicably pulled down below her mouth and nose.

She deviated from the monochromatic look with two subtle pieces: white gloves and feather earrings.

NEWS: Mary Kate Olsen Just Invented the Beanie
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While this certainly is not a new look for Olsen, there is something about seeing her out and about that is both exciting and mysterious. Where is she in the weeks in between each sighting? Is she wearing all black the entire time? What kind of face masks does she prefer when she's not being shot by paparazzi in the street? Does she know that today is the 25th anniversary of It Takes Two, the classic film starring her and her twin Ashley?

These are questions that I know our queen of intrigue will never let us in on, but for now the speculation will forever hold my attention.

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