Martha Stewart's Idea of Relaxation Involves CBD Gummies and a Deuxmoi-Worthy Dinner with Friends

"I'm just not going to crawl into bed or take a hot bath. I don't do that. It's not my way."

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Martha Stewart Says Kris Jenner Gifted Her Granddaughter With a "Basket" of Products from Kardashian Brands
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How does America's favorite home, garden, and cooking empress (and overall icon), kick back and relax? Well, it doesn't hurt that Martha Stewart has dozens of her own, self-made tools at her disposal.

But on a Monday afternoon, a talkative Martha tells me over Zoom that going out with friends is actually her preferred way to de-stress. "The only way I can relax at night after a long day of work — I like to meet a friend or several friends, maybe sit down somewhere, have a light meal, talk, not long, you know, just dinner or something, nothing rushed but simple," she tells me before adding that most people's typical measures to unwind don't do it for her. "I'm not one to just retire after a long day — I'm just not going to crawl into bed or take a hot bath. I don't do that. It's not my way."

Don't get her wrong, the home design extraordinaire says she also loves to pop in a drop of her CBD oils or "delicious" Martha Stewart CBD gummies and light a candle or the fireplace to relax. As the queen of home hacks, Stewart relies on BIC EZ Reach lighters to get the most use out of her candles, without burning her fingers. And her latest collection with the brand is made up of eight chic and compact lighters in assorted faux-stone designs to match countertops and fireplace mantles.

"I keep one in every room, over every fireplace, to light candles, and light my burners on my stove because I don't have pilot lights — I don't like the heat it generates or the waste of fuel, so I turn all the pilots off. And outdoors too, for the big fire pits that I have here. They're a handy, handy tool," she says.

But before she starts chilling out with cannabinoids and candles, Martha loves to socialize and host, and the recipe maven has a plethora of unlikely celebrity friends (see here or here) to choose from when it comes to making plans.

Just last month, Martha practically broke the internet when she shared a few selfies from a hangout with Khloé Kardashian and Kris Jenner.

"They're a friendly gang those, Kardashian Jenners," she gushes. "[Kris] was great, and she's so on it, my god." In fact, after Martha mentioned her granddaughter Jude's upcoming 11th birthday, Jenner sent a whole basket of goodies to the youngster. "I told her it was my granddaughter's birthday and the next day, Jude got this gigantic basket of Kylie makeup and Kim's SKIMS, that beautiful bathrobe — soft, soft stuff."

And it seems Martha's craftiness runs in the family because after receiving the generous birthday gift, her granddaughter and daughter, Alexis Stewart, fashioned a pearl necklace as a "thank you" to Kris. "Alexis and my granddaughter make jewelry as a hobby," she explained. "They made Kris this beautiful pearl necklace, and she posted the pearl necklace," Martha said.

Martha is counting down the days until she gets to host the royal family of reality TV at one of her digs. "I haven't had them at my house yet," she said. "Oh my gosh, I can't wait! Kris wants to come! She'll be down here sometime."

Of course, Martha also has a famous friendship with rapper, writer, and producer, Snoop Dogg, who also appears in Martha's BIC campaign. And while Snoop may be using his friend's lighters for, uh, different reasons this 4/20, Martha says she won't be celebrating.

"I don't smoke," she informs me. "My entire life I have not smoked anything, so I don't like cigarettes. I once had to learn how to smoke a cigarette for a Tareyton commercial, but that's when I was 19-years-old. That's the last time I smoked a cigarette."

She adds with a smirk, "You should look up my commercial by the way, very sexy."

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