It's over her autobiography, The Meaning Of Mariah Carey.


Just a month after Alison Carey, Mariah Carey's older sister, filed a lawsuit against the singer over the contents of her autobiography, The Meaning Of Mariah Carey, Morgan Carey, Mariah's older brother, filed a similar suit. In the book, Carey describes incidents involving Alison attempting to "pimp her out" and another situation in which she "threw a cup of boiling tea on her," the AV Club notes. Alison is claiming "intentional emotional distress" and is asking for $1.25 million. Mariah has publicly referred to both her siblings as her "ex-brother" and "ex-sister."

Variety reports that Morgan's lawsuit cites "extreme mental anguish, outrage, severe anxiety about his future and his ability to support himself and his family, harm to his reputation and his earning capacity, embarrassment among his friends and associates, disruption of his personal life, and loss of enjoyment of the ordinary pleasures of everyday life."

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Morgan's suit claims that he was misrepresented. Mariah describes him as "troubled" and adds that when they were growing up, she saw him as a Big Bad Wolf figure. Because of his anger issues, Mariah says she "never felt safe" and "never was safe." Unlike his sister Alison, Morgan isn't looking for $1.25 million. Instead, his suit also names co-author Michaela Angela Davis, Macmillan Publishing Group, and Andy Cohen Books as defendants. He's requesting that a judge undo any damages through "judicial determination."

"[Morgan] brings this action more in sorrow and disappointment in his sister's betrayals and malicious falsehoods than in anger at them," the suit reads. "He is by no means envious of his sister's enormous artistic and personal success, has enjoyed his own successes both professional and personal and has always wished her well."