The pair belted out a remixed version of Carey's 2010 hit "Oh Santa!"

Mariah Carey, the reigning queen of Christmas, and Ariana Grande are here to save the holidays — and some might argue, the entire year of 2020.

On Friday, Carey's highly-anticipated Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special dropped on Apple TV+, and the musical spectacular didn't disappoint, with a moment between Ari and Mariah standing out from the rest of the show. During a remix of her 2010 hit "Oh Santa!," Carey was joined by Grande and Jennifer Hudson to belt out the holiday tune. The trio took the stage in what appeared to be Santa's workshop wearing festive fashion, but the best part of the performance was when Grande and Carey harmonized (yes, harmonized!) a two-part whistle note together at the end of the set.

According to Twitter, this was exactly what the world needed after such a challenging year. And Mariah agreed. In a new interview with Billboard, she revealed the inspiration behind the Christmas special's conception, explaining: "We can't just let the bleakness of the current place we are at in the world foil all of the extra fun things that we do every year."

Meanwhile, the pair were so in-sync while hitting their high-notes, some people began to speculate whether Carey and Grande are actually related.

The comparison between the two superstars is nothing new. From the start of her career, Grande has been likened to a mini Mariah — something she took as a huge compliment.

Carey, on the other hand, wasn't thrilled with the correlation. In 2016, during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the singer shadily replied with a firm "no" when asked if she knew of Ari. Clearly, they've come a long way since then.