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Marc Jacobs Is Ready to Redefine "Perfect"
On the release of his new fragrance Perfect Intense, which he's announcing exclusively on InStyle, Marc Jacobs says there’s nothing cooler than self-acceptance.
This Is Marc Jacobs' Moment and He Knows It
The aughts fashion king kept quiet during the pandemic, but he’s back with a collection that was worth the wait.

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The 10 Most Unlikely Instagram Stars of Our Time

Helen Mirren began her Instagram journey just two weeks ago—and she’s already proven herself a veritable IG Queen. The Santacon snaps! The blurry limo selfies! The Christmas golf cart chronicles! Dame Helen’s social media presence is the greatest holiday gift we could ever ask for. Who knew that a 71-year-old Oscar-winner, famous for her portrayal of England’s reigning monarch, could be such an asset to the photo-sharing platform? We really, truly, did not see this coming. Ms. Mirren is not the only unlikely star to shine bright on Instagram. There’s an entire IG underworld of celebrity moms and lesser-known personalities whose social media presence is unrivaled. Once you step away from the glossy feeds of our Insta' mainstays: Beyoncé, Kylie Jenner, and co., a beautiful photographic reality awaits. Here are our picks for the best and most unlikely Instagram breakout stars of our time.